Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Udder Misconduct: A Petition for the Preservation of Food Rights

With Palmer & Stewart
at Healthy Family Farms, June 2012.
Our inalienable rights are routinely sacrificed on the altar of a criminal justice system, which in the name of some imaginary almighty government, forgets too often that We the People - including the accused - are, in fact, its employer.
Recently, here in Southern California, the Ventura County District Attorney’s office has succumbed to this particular version of selective amnesia, in a relentless assault on food rights (among others) and its apparently unlawful prosecution of Santa Paula farmer Sharon Palmer of Healthy Family Farms and raw ‘milkman’ James Stewart of Rawesome, a private food club in Los Angeles.
And so, at this critical hour, it becomes our civic and patriotic duty to remind our government of its responsibility to the People.
With that in mind - together with small group of very serious supporters - I've authored and compiled a petition for the immediate release of Stewart from custody and the  necessary dismissal of all charges against him and Palmer.
PLEASE REVIEW, SIGN & SHARE IT with everyone you know! Together, we really can make a difference, and stop this tyrannical persecution of farmers and food club managers dead in its tracks.

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