Angela Doss grew up surrounded by both farms and twisters in the great plains of Oklahoma, where she later earned a journalism degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Journalism & Mass Communications. Since her move to Southern California in 2006, however, not much appears to have changed. Still, she finds herself among good people working diligently to grow food, while certain other forces seek only to destroy.

Circa Universitae.
Fortunately, where there is clear will and active courage, destruction can offer a chance to rebuild more meaningfully...

In 2008, a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes set Doss on a personal path of discovery and healing, leading her naturally to an interest in diet and nutrition. As she learned, she began to see more fully how our health, and our accessibility to it, are deeply impacted by the condition(ing) and events of our world, including farming and agriculture, the practice and prescriptions of medicine and, especially, the politics of food.

To answer these discoveries, Doss put her writing skills to work on the web, launching her blog, TheGirlsGoneRaw.com in March of 2011. While the blog began primarily as an exercise in chronicling her work and experiences in transforming her own health, it has since necessarily expanded to include discussion on issues related to food rights and civil liberties.

Doss has worked in television news production, public relations, freelance copy writing, banking, and a variety of service industries.... As often as possible, she waxes artistic and gets plenty of sunshine.


Doss is not a doctor, dietitian, nutritionist or health professional, and she has no medical training of any kind. This blog is simply an online journal of events encountered and thoughts discovered along her own road to better health. She is not liable in any way for the dietary, health and/or medical choices of her readers or other members of the public. Anyone choosing to follow her example does so at their own risk and by their own responsibility.