Friday, March 25, 2011

A Farewell to Frydays

Sometimes I'm a very bad girl... but only sometimes.

When I tell people I'm 90-95% Raw, they inevitably want to know what the 5-10% is. I'm sorry to admit that the answer isn't terribly glamorous.

Most people have a vice or two, something in their diets-of-the-moment that can be exceptionally difficult to give up for good. One of the things I've loved most about having gone Raw is the 180-degree perspective shift. Suddenly, the majority of the things I might otherwise find tempting seem more like poison to me than a reward to which I'm somehow

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where to Begin

Raw chocolate w/goji, maca & raw milk.

Eat dessert first.

That was the recommendation inside the menu of the raw restaurant I visited in Santa Monica. It was a suggestion based on the idea that the acidity of sweeter foods and fruits often used in desserts would aid in proper digestion if consumed a few minutes before the meal itself.

Of course, I'm only two months or so into my own Raw foods journey, so I cannot attest much to how any of this stuff works or why - only that I believe Raw foods are working for me. Despite that short time and my still very limited knowledge on the subject, I've been inundated it seems with requests from friends and strangers who also see this new diet working for me, people who want to know more about what specific changes

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Say No

You're looking at all the kidney meds I did not take for the last few months. My doctor doesn't know it yet, but I stopped taking these pills at about the same time I started eating Raw foods seriously, in early January.

Until then, I'd been taking one every day for the last year. The doc put me on them after finding elevated levels of protein (microalbumin and creatinine) in my urine. Apparently, it's not supposed to be there in the larger quantity that it was (exact numbers to follow) and he wanted me to take the Lisinopril (more commonly prescribed to help control blood pressure) as a precaution against premature diabetic kidney disease

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Raw vs. Regular

I won't soon forget an image I saw in the winter of 2010, while watching a documentary on the benefits of eating Raw foods. Using some rather sophisticated technology and equipment in what's known as Kirlian photography, researchers captured images of the life energy (or "aura") around different fruits and vegetables. They displayed the photos side-by-side - the Raw fruit or vegetable, and then the same fruit or vegetable later, after it had been lightly steamed. What I saw then told me what I needed to know: The life energy around the Raw, uncooked vegetable was full and bright blue, and covered the entire surface area. But the life energy around the lightly steamed vegetable was weak, scattered and splotchy, and appeared to cover less than half of its surface area.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In the Middle, God Created...

The Internet is a big, expansive place, and at long last, I've thrown myself right into the middle of it. Today marks my first official current blog entry on my weeks-old-but-years-in-the-making, very personal journey of healing myself of Type 1 diabetes with Raw foods.

For now, I'll spare you most of the specifics on exactly how much insulin I'm taking and at what time and with how much of what kind of food and how it's all changed anyway from what it once was. I suspect the more interesting parts of my story will come in the form of my own observations, ruminations, challenges, triumphs, doubts and hopes. Please just trust I'm sharing all that other boring