Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In the Middle, God Created...

The Internet is a big, expansive place, and at long last, I've thrown myself right into the middle of it. Today marks my first official current blog entry on my weeks-old-but-years-in-the-making, very personal journey of healing myself of Type 1 diabetes with Raw foods.

For now, I'll spare you most of the specifics on exactly how much insulin I'm taking and at what time and with how much of what kind of food and how it's all changed anyway from what it once was. I suspect the more interesting parts of my story will come in the form of my own observations, ruminations, challenges, triumphs, doubts and hopes. Please just trust I'm sharing all that other boring
data with my doctors who are also excited about the impressive success I've had in decreasing my synthetic insulin intake while making more of my own natural insulin (as revealed in a recent C-peptide test), all after just two months on Raw foods. The idea is to have the scientific facts available to back up my story every step of the way, and when they do and I am totally healed - BANG! Book deal, Oprah special, and a million or more lives changed for the better!

At least, that's how I picture it when I'm day-dreaming. Truth be told, I'm stoked if my story inspires even just one person, but I'm already content that it's inspiring and driving me.

After today, the still blank record of my journey will be filled in, page by page, on either side, like an historical timeline marking B.C. and A.D., for your perusal. Think of today's blog like that timeline. From here, you can expect to see upcoming posts for both future updates and catch-up journal entries for past significant events. So please take a moment every so often to check for previous posts as well - that is, if knowing the fuller context of my more current daily observations is important to you at all.

As many of you have seen, the struggles and pain of my last 3 years as a diabetic pale by comparison to the advances I've made in my own health, expansion and well-being in these last few months. I have overcome many milestones in a very short time, and I have much to share. More than that, I feel led to share what I've learned and experienced. What is to come, I cannot say. I can express only my eternal optimism at the opportunity to see it through myself, and the privilege to share it with you - my friends and readers.

Therefore, welcome! It is my sincere hope that you enjoy following my story, and perhaps find as much inspiration in its telling as I continue to find in its living.

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