Sunday, February 13, 2011

Raw for One

My self-taught culinary skills, however novice and incomplete, have come in handy for my first ever 100% Raw and all-organic meal at home! (Up to this point, I've only had what amounts to partially Raw meals and totally Raw snacks.) From top left to bottom: Mango-strawberry-kale smoothie, vegetable juice, garlic dill cashew-cheese dip (purchased from a very talented woman who's name I don't yet know; I didn't eat the whole tub in this one sitting, of course),  whole avocado, small piece of raw sun butter bread (a dense, cracker-like snack composed largely of seeds, herbs and fruit - by Two Moms in the Raw - who make an array of yummy snacks), celery, raw grass-fed hormone-free ground beef, drizzled in cold-pressed olive oil, seasoned with herbs, raw red onion and covered in raw Amish asiago cheese.... YUM!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Body Language

I am in awe of my body.

I don't mean that in an unreasonably narcissistic way. I mean simply that I have never been as appropriately thankful as I am now for all the impressive, microcosmic miracles my body performs on a daily basis, no thinking required. Having to monitor just one of those functions 'manually', as I do now with my diabetes, is quite enough to bring home a very deep appreciation.

My wonder and gratitude stem from a very personal and profound spiritual awakening I experienced in the year or so leading up to my introduction to Raw foods. Without getting too specific, let it suffice to say that, until recently, I had been so engrossed in my spiritual insights and adventures as to be less than attentive to the physical world, except where tethered to it by my insulin pump.