Saturday, June 25, 2011


McDonald's and a hospital on every street corner? If the image doesn't horrify you, then you're not watching enough of the documentaries I've listed in the right margin of my blog.

Last night, I had the honor of attending the Los Angeles premiere screening for a new documentary film called "Farmageddon" by Kristin Canty. It was a packed house here in Santa Monica, but the movie has a message the whole country needs to hear - how the small, local farmers on whom an increasing number of us depend for grass fed meats, Raw dairy and other organic produce are being targeted and run out of business by folks in our government who claim (and in some cases actually believe) they are trying to protect us. The problem is we don't all agree on what the revolving door of the USDA, FDA, large corporate food production and pharmaceutical company drones would have us believe about what is "healthy" - especially when what many of us get from their 'protection' is sick, sicker, dying and dead.

What was it Henry Kissinger reportedly said? "Control the food and you control the people." I think corrupt and/or largely misinformed men and women - certainly with deeper pockets than my own - have taken this idea to heart, and unless we make our voices heard, vote with our dollars and support these small local farmers, we may yet find ourselves on the losing side of the 'Farmageddon' already upon us. In short, if we don't take action to protect our rights to health and to choosing what foods we eat, then we will certainly lose both. I know the madness has already threatened a central part of my world, by coming after the Rawesome market in Venice (see the clip from the film here) and repeatedly harassing one of Rawesome's suppliers. If such intimidation efforts continue and are successful, for me, it would mean I am unable to continue to fight my diabetes as aggressively as I have so far... What would it mean for you?

If the idea of having no choice but to eat what the likes of Monsanto and McDonald's decide to feed us (and then probably spending your life in and out of hospitals as a result) doesn't exactly cause you to salivate, then please, do what you can to support this film and what it represents. If you're in the Los Angeles area, you can catch it at the Laemmle 4 in Santa Monica until June 30th. Folks in other cities can check the film's website for other current and future screenings. Keep in mind that more screenings will be added, depending on the film's success!

It all starts with you, my friends... And you can start here: or here...