Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Courts of Raw

Something here smells sour, and it's NOT my raw milk.

James Stewart & Sharon Palmer, 2011.
Photo courtesy David Gumpert.
A new offense is afoot in the old games of legalized persecution against folks still brave enough to exercise their rights to privately contract with one another to obtain healthy foods. In what Natural News rightly called an "ambush", James-Cecil: Stewart of Rawesome Foods, and Sharon Palmer of Healthy Family Farms were again suddenly arrested at the close of routine court proceedings last Friday, March 2nd. The two had appeared in court, along with co-defendant Victoria Bloch, to settle on a preliminary hearing date for charges related to government raids on Rawesome back in June of 2010 and August of 2011.

Palmer's bail was set for $2 Million and Stewart's at $1 Million. Apparently, the two - along with Larry Otting - are being asked to answer assorted charges relating to an alleged conspiracy to defraud farm investors. While Otting had reportedly already made bail by yesterday, Palmer and Stewart will stay a sixth night in jail tonight. They are scheduled to appear in court again Thursday (3/8) in hopes of getting their bail reduced, and then being released soon after.  (Please read David Gumpert's article for more case details.)

Victoria Bloch with Weston A Price Foundation Chapter leaders in pre-arraignment demonstration.
Photo courtesy Friends of Rawesome.

Four demonstrators swarmed by an excess number of deputies.
Photos courtesy Friends of Rawesome.

"All this fuss over little old me?"
Photo courtesy Friends of Rawesome.

At the moment, however, time is of the essence. The clock is ticking down to that bail reduction hearing tomorrow, and I have URGENT pleas to the food rights and small farmer sympathizers among you, my beloved readers:

FIRST: If you know James or Sharon personally, please compose a brief character statement (or just a letter of support if you don't know them) that the attorneys can present in court tomorrow (Thursday 8/8) on their behalves to help sway the court to lower bail and release them. We want the judge to feel the full weight of the support James and Sharon have from the community. If you can help, please include your name and an address where you can be reached and send your letter either as a PDF or in an email to: We need to have them as soon as possible before the hearing tomorrow.

NEXT: Flood the LA County Auditor-Controller's Office with demands that they investigate what appears to be serious and on-going corruption within the ranks of so-called authorities who helped to bring the 2011 charges against Rawesome and Healthy Family Farms. (See images below.)

Please contact this department in whatever way is convenient for you, but remember to keep your communications civil. The Girl's Gone Raw does not condone acts or threats of violence. Also, if you choose to send an email, DO NOT do so from your workplace or office email account... or any address that might compromise your identity, should you prefer to remain anonymous. Just know that your contributions to this effort could make a world of difference in what becomes of the Rawesome case and future food rights.


Postal Mail: 
500 West Temple Street, Room 525
Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
Los Angeles, California 90012

Telephone: (213) 974-8301
Facsimile: (213) 626-5427

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