Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Propaganda 37: A Lying Shame

It seems the Dinner Party will have to reschedule its reservation at the political round table... for now. Unfortunately, the reservation fee is now forfeit (meaning I've got a little "bad-cop" drilling steam to let off...) Bon appetit elsewhere.

Dear California,

Money doesn't just talk; it votes... And congratulations! You have elected to continue learning the hard way. Rather than opting for harmless little labels to inform you ahead of time whether food might contain dangerous genetically modified organisms, it seems by voting against Proposition 37, that you prefer to wait until you've developed cancer, diabetes, food allergies, autoimmune disorders, infertility issues and gastrointestinal conditions (or worse, until your children do). And that's okay. It's certainly your right. Lord knows it took my being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes to get me to wake up and give a shit.

And though I doubt your children will, the multi-billion dollar biotech industry thanks you. And so do pharmaceutical companies, health insurers and the conventional medical industry. Because your vote has helped to sustain our flourishing disease economy. You see, they did their homework on you. The professional advertising and marketing firms they hired got to know you better than you know yourself.   What they discovered is that money - at least the way you understand it - is more important to you than either truth or health. And so they ran with the bullshit "costly and deceptive scheme" theme, and in my sincere and heartfelt disappointment, I can only laugh at how easily you swallowed it.

Your gullibility is probably pretty funny to biotech leaders too. It only took them $45 million dollars in campaign spending - 93% of which came from *outside* California, by the way - to convince you that Prop 37 was too expensive. But did you once stop to ask how the biotech giants explain spending FORTY-FIVE TIMES the Prop's $1 million worst-case-scenario cost estimate, in order to defeat a ballot measure they say would be too "costly"? Did you never wonder why they might be so keen to dump that kind of money into a measure designed simply to supply you with information that would help you make better, healthier choices for your family? Hmmm.

Or perhaps making better, more informed choices for your family really is not something you value? For the life of me, I'm struggling here to understand exactly how labeling something could be perceived as a sincerely bad idea - and by 53.1% of the voting population. Aren't you otherwise all too willing to slap labels on things - good, bad, democrat, republican, racist, sexist, elitist, criminal? I know these deeply programmed dualistic ideas occur quite easily for me, and we're all part of the same flawed human condition.

The difference of course, in this case, is that the label wouldn't have been destructive or superficial; it would simply be calling something what it is - calling a cow a cow, for example. "This product may contain Genetically Modified ingredients." That's all. No name-calling. No mud-slinging. No "Monsanto and friends are a group of lying buffoons!" (which you'd probably discover for yourself at a later time). Nope, nothing of the kind. Instead, it would have communicated a very simple, very informative, and very transparent truth. But perhaps the truth still is just too much for you... Is that it...? And is my faith in you, therefore, tragically misplaced? Were you duped, or do you just honestly believe that ignorance is good for you? Maybe you're worried that if you have a better idea of what's really in that yummy chocolate cake at Whole Foods, you might have a real reason finally to stop eating it? Addicts are highly suggestible, after all, and it certainly wouldn't be the first case of outright denial in recorded history. It's not called "devil's food" for no reason...

But that the biotech industry could so successfully and effortlessly persuade you that your own ignorance is far more desirable for you than useful, factual information should serve as an eye-opening demonstration of just how well these companies spread lies and misinformation. Or did you not already hear that their campaign ads were full of lies and misrepresentations to the point that the Federal Bureau of Investigation may soon launch an official criminal investigation into the "No on 37" campaign? That's right. They lied to you, and you bought it. And even if the FBI does investigate, who's to say they'll get anything more than a little slap on the wrist? What do they care, after all? What's done is done. They've already successfully defeated Prop 37, and you helped them. They lied to you, and you bought it... So then, what's your blood sugar reading? How sleepy do you feel today? Who do you know that's been diagnosed this week? How blissful does that ignorance feel now? Are you ready to wash it off yet?

I hope so... Because it's OKAY to bite the hand that feeds you poison.

Suppose you begin to realize that how you spend your money can actually have more power than your vote at a polling place. Suppose you begin to view it as a daily expression of what your values are and where you choose to spend your energy. And where is that now? Do you spend more on healthcare than you do on food? Are you still so disconnected from the truth that your body requires certain minerals and nutrients in order just to survive - much less begin to heal from whatever ails you? Reconnect to that truth, learn about the "food" that's poisoning you, take back responsibility for your health and that of your family, stop being a slave to big food and big pharma industries, and maybe you'll finally begin to see that simply labeling a package doesn't eliminate choice or even cost that much at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. It can help you make better choices, feel better and happier and even save you money on long-term healthcare costs. And when you're ready to wake up to THAT reality, we health-conscious activists will be only too happy to welcome you to the land of the living.

In the meantime, those of us who care for change must continue to defy social conventions and keep on asking the difficult questions, even at the risk of social ridicule. Though we've lost the battle for Prop 37, what the fight has taught us is that the conversation over GM technology and labeling has only just begun. We must redouble our efforts to educate and communicate. No amount of biotech "hush money" can hold back the truth for long. These Franken-foods are only NOT labeled... until they are! And, even if I must author the next version of a GM-labeling proposition myself, that progress seems inevitable now. As Mike Adams of Natural News has said, "This effort to label GMOs is going to be repeated state after state, year after year, until victory is achieved."

So let the boycotts begin! Here's an infographic to help you get to know which companies paid money to help keep you in the dark:


  1. In regards to prop 37 and the election results in general. If these County thugs (which is a trickle down of our federal government corruption) are capable of 9/11 atrocities / staging fake terrorist attacks and the James Stewart Raw Milk Man extortion capper, do you actually think that they are above honest elections? I read a suspicious post election email that came to a friend of mine that was from saying we "PROP 37" lost but we scored a huge victory?! We got 4 million voters to sign our petition and raised so much money we have them on the run! Don't give up now, let's get more people and more donations next time around and we will win! It's all BS, conjured up to extort more money! We need to recall elected officials who see these felonious crimes and do not prosecute! DA's, DOJ's LA COUNTY SUPERVISORS any one in office who does not act and prosecute fraud and corruption! We need to develop creative ways to chastise the media for lying to us! Perhaps instead of donating to a hoax media prop we should take out full page adds and commercials saying 9/11 / EPA / Global Warming and the FDA are all an F-ING FRAUD! Join us in recalling and prosecuting any supervisor or public official who ignores their oath of office!

    In my case you can see at these LA COUNTY THUGS / SUPERVISORS office intruded on a routine permit process (withholding TAX DEFAULT properties they do not have the right to withhold) of a code compliant estate in order to steal my tropical garden estate of 30 years and hand it it an LA County Consultant?

  2. Great post, Angela & totally echoes my sentiment & feelings as well.

  3. I actually find the Prop 37 vote kind of encouraging. I am impressed that 47% of voters saw through the huge advertising campaign and refused to vote out of the corporate fears.

    It's important to appreciate the concerns of many consumers who have a hard time making ends meet. To many of them, the possibility of their food costing more, even if it's bad quality food, is very scary.

    One outgrowth of this vote will be ever more people seeking out good quality food from private sources. That means reduced sales for the big corporations that financed the anti-Prop 37 campaign.

    It's all a matter of long-term education. We will win in the long run.

  4. Thanks for your sobering comments, David.

    I agree that Prop 37 has made a hug dent in efforts toward meaningful education and awareness - definitely not the kind of illumination one may easily just turn off again. I also appreciate what you say about considering the financial circumstances of consumers. Clearly, that is not something I did in this post. It may be well worth a second look given that it is not something that's an issue for me, as a woman with only my own mouth to feed. I dare say, though, that when sufficiently motivated, I suspect even those strapped for cash would be willing to move mountains if it means nourishing their children better.

    I'm not now entirely convinced, however, that Prop 37 did actually fail; it seems a number of votes (to the tune of some 3 Million) still remain uncounted here in California, where this ballot measure was reported to have been defeated by a margin of about 500,000. That raises some questions for me, anyway.

    I'll add too that after posting this blog, I kept feeling an urge to go back and make it "nicer" somehow. I'm aware of its rather pointedly negative and accusatory tone, and while I don't believe such an approach is very helpful to the discussion in the long run, I simply couldn't find in myself a more appropriately worded, more positive rewrite. And I did attempt it, twice. Perhaps, one might argue, that I should never have written it at all. But I've been delving into some deeper spiritual work in recent months, and I believe this post may just need to stand as it is - a testament to the practice of my own self-expression, and my newly discovered ability to let it be, just as it is. This is not to say it is my intention to be (or encourage others to be) careless with their words; on the contrary, I urge respect and compassion, especially in such a debate, as well as open acknowledgement that sometimes people do (and should) change their minds. New information or new insight comes, and we respond accordingly. And if that sort of thing isn't in the spirit of the Prop 37 campaign, then I don't know what is.

    Thanks, again.

  5. Righteous rant! I understand the desire to go back and tone it down, but I think it's a fair reaction for the time frame. Perhaps you may feel moved to write another post after some time has gone by, with some of your more positive thoughts. But I certainly hope you allow the historical record of your initial feelings to remain even if you decide to document your evolution.