Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Skinny

Avocado undressing.
Few things help me feel as skinny as I do while stuffing my face with essential fatty acids.

It is, in part, thanks to those mighty avocados that I've reached a milestone this month that I wasn't even aiming for... I now weigh the least I've weighed since either a) lying about my weight on my Oklahoma drivers license, or b) my memorable trip to the ER in Jan 2008, from which I emerged with Type 1 diabetes. The current number for this 5-foot-6-inches tall 31-year-old white girl is 116 pounds, at 17.5% body fat, 60% body water and 6.2
bone mass. That's according to my fancy scale, whose 'BIA technology' sends a "small but safe electric signal" through my body to determine all this... which may mean I chuck it one of these days.

Under my now baggy clothes which need replacing, I feel really, really good since embarking on this Raw foods adventure in January. Apparently, I look it too. From hair to skin to general appearance, people have noticed improvements enough to comment on them. And I've made another observation myself - that despite fewer gym visits over these last few months, my muscles seem both leaner and more tone than ever. Even during the less strenuous hiking and occasional yoga I've continued in that time, I feel neither weak, nor exhausted, as I might have expected. My return to more challenging physical activities is imminent, but I am nonetheless fascinated by my body's measurable progress in the meantime.

In addition to those perhaps more superficial (but no less significant) observations, friends and even strangers keep pulling me aside to comment on my "energy", "radiance" and "glow". Those who are closest to me can certainly attest to the fact that I've been more active and productive socially, creatively and personally these past few months, seemingly requiring less rest than I did prior to my shift to Raw foods. I'd even argue that I'm generally more articulate and quick-witted as a result, but - well, there's a joke in there somewhere.

Let's not forget, too, that all this is in addition to my still dramatically reduced intake of synthetic insulin, my having discontinued a kidney medication I was on for a year, and my generally steadier blood sugar numbers. I still experience some high numbers from time to time, but I haven't had nearly as many lows as I did previously. In fact, I can think of only one surprise low in the last month or so, and that was a 40bg sometime during my birthday celebrations last week. So that's pretty good, I'd say. I do hope to get to the doctor again soon to measure the continued progress of my pancreas and kidneys on Raw foods, as I fully expect the hard data to support my body's awesome healing and rejuvenation - the truth of which I already feel myself, from soul to bone, the truth of which is clearly apparent to those around me as well, from work to play.

If I'm honest, however, I must say these observations don't surprise me. I'd be surprised if I weren't making progress. From what I've seen and read - and believe with all my heart - about this incredible journey I'm on, it is, by its very nature, expansively and infectiously life-giving and radiant.

That said, between you and me (and the entire Internet) - in the interests of expanding light to dark and sometimes taboo places - I will say with no hesitation, into a microphone and surrounded by a stadium of people if you ask it, that if Raw foods offered no other benefits, I'd keep eating them for just one:

Bowel movements.

That's right! I went there. Besides their undoubted contribution to my having dropped that little bit of unnecessary weight, they're also clean, easy, painless, and even - dare I say it - enjoyable! When's the last time you could say that about your BMs? And what do yours reveal about the foods you eat? What message is your body trying to communicate?

It's just something to consider... They're not called smoothies for no reason!


  1. OK, that last sentence made me laugh out loud!--Iva

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, Iva... And it's so true! For me, there's just no going back.