*Chef's Note: Because I blend using small 8 oz mason jars according to the method described below, this recipe tends to be somewhat oil-heavy. But I use very high quality olive oil which my friends and I enjoy very much... so I plan to keep making it this way. Should you prefer a less oily pesto, you may either reduce the olive oil as you choose or add more pistachios and/or pine nuts to thicken up the recipe. You'll also notice, I don't include cheese in my recipe, though many pesto recipes do contain some version of Italian cheese (pecorino or parmesan). You may add it if you'd like, but I find I get plenty of raw cheese in my diet without including it here.

what's in it:

4 cups basil, chopped (tightly packed)
4 large garlic cloves, shredded or crushed
3/4 cup roasted pistachios
3/4 cup pine nuts
1 1/4 cups organic extra virgin olive oil, cool pressed & unheated (Oliflix sets the standard)
Sea Salt (max recommended: 1 tsp)

what to do about it:

Grind pine nuts and pistachios together into a fine powder. Then blend all ingredients together, and to desired consistency. Rocket science, I know...
**TIP: If your blender is a crap-shoot blender like most and you happen to have a small-mouthed 8 or 12 or 16 oz mason jar lying around, then you can blend smaller amounts at a time, for a more concentrated and effective blend. (In my experience, 8 oz jars work best.) Just fill the mason jar with ingredients, remembering each time to include enough olive oil to keep the blending mechanism happy. Then unscrew the bottom part of your blender's pitcher - blade, washer and all - and screw them onto the top of the mason jar until it's sealed. Invert the mason jar, attach to blender and blend. Top off ingredients as necessary after initial blend, and repeat this process until all ingredients are blended to your satisfaction.

Salt to taste, but don't overdo it. You can always add salt later, but you can't take it away. Enjoy with chicken and/or vegetables. Store remainder in fridge so you can enjoy it again later!

Makes about 1 pint (16-20 ounces).

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